The terms of the tenancy

The terms of the tenancy

A tenancy agreement will have written terms such as what rent is paid, when and how.

There are also terms which apply by law regardless of what is actually written in the agreement. These implied terms include landlord’s repairing obligations, the right of the landlord to carry out repairs and the tenant’s right to “peacefully” enjoy the property without interference.

Our experience has taught us that some terms, which are often over looked in standard pre-drafted tenancy agreements, are vital to protect the landlord’s interest. For example, a clearly worded forfeiture clause is a must for all fixed term tenancies otherwise the landlord may not be able to evict during the fixed term. Also, a clause permitting the landlord access to inspect the property or for gas servicing is a necessity since any implied right of access only covers the right for a landlord to access to carry out repairs.

We can ensure that any tenancy agreement you want contains the terms to protect your property and income but also comply with the law.

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