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Posted 31 May 2019
by Ricky Noble

Parenting arrangements for the summer holidays

Summer holiday

With a chill still in the air the summer might feel a little way off, but now here we are in the middle of the May half term signalling that with only six weeks to go the long school summer holidays are almost upon us.

For newly separated parents, that long summer break brings new challenges. Even parents who have been apart for longer can find arrangements over the summer holidays need changing from year to year and this can be a bit of a minefield. Plans that have worked in the past may now be outdated due to the children growing up, having their own social lives and school trips to accommodate. There may also have been a change in the parents’ lives, for example a new job or a new partner which again throws up new issues to confront.

Waiting until the school terms ends before attempting to sort out the arrangements for July and August might be too late. We recommend that parents start giving some thought to this as early as possible and trying to put plans in place by June.

A Parenting Plan can be a useful resource and Cafcass have a helpful template to work from.

Take some time now to try and head-off any last-minute summer holiday panic by planning ahead.

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