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Posted 16 January 2019
by Stuart Bramley

Parents’ Heartbreaking Fight for the Future of their Severely Brain Damaged Baby

baby Group B Strep

This is a heartbreaking story, made even more so because in 2019 virtually no babies should succumb to Strep B.

With reference to the Devon Live article, Group B Strep specialist solicitor Stuart Bramley writes –

The work done by various individuals and organisations such as GBS Support ought to have put the Health Service into a situation where all mothers-to-be are screened to see if they are carrying this infection and all doctors, nurses and midwives should be absolutely aware of the risk factors and the first symptoms of GBS. That I am still being instructed so often to help parents in Daisey-May’s situation is deeply upsetting.

There are some rare cases where the infection develops so rapidly that no-one could be criticised, but it is generally the case in my experience that clinicians missed vital signs of the early stages not just of meningitis and/or septicaemia but of GBS itself, before those complications arise. Grunting on every breath, as here, should be a barn-door sign of Group B Streptococcus.

I sincerely hope that Daisey-May being able to breathe unaided, against all predictions, is an indication that she will do well in her future development. My thoughts are with Bethany and Kieran.

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