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Posted 23 September 2016
by Melanie Burton

Park Road Safety

Owners of both holiday and residential parks may have to deal with incidents of unsafe driving on park roads. Since roadways on parks are likely to be subject to the usual road traffic laws, anyone driving on the park should be required to have a valid driving licence and insurance, as well as wearing a seat belt.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is an offence and since March 2015 it is also an offence to drive under the influence of specified drugs. Should a driver commit a road traffic offence of this nature or any other on a park they are likely to also be in breach of the terms of either the Holiday Licence Agreement or Residential Mobile Homes Act Agreement which contain undertakings requiring owners, their family and guests not to commit any criminal offences on the park.

Additionally, where park owners seek to rely on rules regarding speed limits on the park, they should ensure that the speed limits are adequately signposted and correspond to the relevant park rules. Park owners should take particular care in ensuring that their park rules address all aspects of road safety on the park.

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