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Posted 28 February 2014
by Paul Kelly

Park rules audit

As owners of residential parks in England will know the regulations providing for consultation on, amendment of and deposit with local authorities of, park rules have now come into force.  Members of the BH&HPA will have received guidance on the consultation and deposit procedure including precedent letters and park rules and are being invited to attend workshops on this subject being put on by the BH&HPA around the country in May. 

All other park owners who are not members of the BH&HPA will need to address the issue and carry out the consultation procedure and deposit them with their local authority in sufficient time before existing park rules cease to be valid or enforceable next February.

Tozers will be offering a free audit of existing park rules and details of this service will be sent out next week.  If you would like to take advantage of this service or have any other questions regarding the Mobile Homes (Site Rules)(England) Regulations 2014 contact the parks team by telephone 01392 207020 or by email

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