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Posted 5 April 2019
byPaul Zaleski

Paul Zaleski | Marathon Training Diary – Part 3

Teignmouth beach

With now just over 6 weeks to go until Paul Zaleski takes part in the City Community Trust Exeter Live Better Marathon, we asked Paul a few questions about his training!

• How has training been going since your last blog?

“The mileage has been creeping up & I’ve been keeping up with the distances needed for the longer runs. However, getting out as often as I plan to in the week can be a challenge. The clocks going forward does make a big difference though & that’s why I like the timing of the Exeter Marathon as starting your training in the winter gives you the motivation to get out on some cold dark evenings. But, as the runs get longer, the weather slowly starts to get warmer & the evenings get longer, making it much more pleasant all around.”

• Why did you start running?

“Mainly because it’s so flexible and easy to go whenever you want, for as long as you want, without the need to plan anything in advance. Plus, I find there’s nothing better to clear the head at the end of a hectic day in the office!”

• Is it easier or harder than you thought?

“The main worry with running is picking up the odd niggling injury here or there. That makes keeping up with the training difficult but (without wanting to tempt fate!) I’ve not had any hassles with that so far. Having said that, there have been some days where the last thing I’ve fancied doing is heading out on a long run, and getting motivated has been a struggle.”

• What is the furthest distance that you’ve run?

“So far I’m up to 15 miles, albeit incredibly slowly!”

• What is your favourite running route?

“It’s always good to get out along the sea wall between Teignmouth & Dawlish Warren which is a lot easier to do now the evenings are getting lighter. It does still come with the risk of an unexpected salt water shower & I’d prefer not to have to deal with the Halcombe hills in the middle but it beats running along the road any day!”

• Current favourite song to run to?

“As the runs get longer, I find I need more variety to keep things interesting so I try & mix it up as much as possible. I’ve been listening to a lot of Biffy Clyro, Jurrassic 5 & Fun Lovin Criminals to name a few. In terms of one song that features most often, then Highway to Hell by AC/DC is normally on there, although I still haven’t ditched The Catchy Song from the Lego movie yet either!”

• Favourite bit of kit?

“I don’t know if it counts as a bit of kit but Strava makes a big difference to running in terms of keeping a record of what you’ve done. I tend to use it more to compare my own times rather than other people’s, but it is a great motivator to be able to see your own record of the mileage increasing and the times improving, slowly!”

• Your favourite post-run food?

“Given how sickly most of the drinks & gels are that help on longer runs, I actually crave something simple, like pasta, when I’m back just to refuel. Although I have learnt the hard way not to be too fussy when choosing something to eat after a hard run and just try and get something eaten quickly, rather than faff about too long trying to prepare something you’re in the mood for, to avoid a post run crash!”

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Paul relieved to have finished a 5k Parkrun….and trying not to dwell on the fact that on race day there would still be another 37k to go!

Paul is running in the Exeter Marathon to raise money for Tozers’ charity of the year, Age UK Exeter. If you would like to donate, please visit his JustGiving page here.

More information can be found about Exeter City Community Trust’s 2019 running events here.

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