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Lucy Lamb

“Facing conversations about the contents of a Will or dealing with the complexities of legal and tax procedure following the loss of a loved one are stressful. My approach is to build a good relationship with the client to facilitate the necessary discussions (with plenty of opportunities for the client to raise any concerns) so that they fully understand the options or steps involved”

Lucy works with clients when they are planning for the future in looking to protect their assets, by writing wills or safeguarding their financial and physical wellbeing. She also helps clients who are looking to do the same for a relative or close friend, and in the unfortunate situation when they are dealing with the administration of an estate guides them through this process.

She has helped many clients in providing simple, step by step advice on the administration of estates; Wills; Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection applications. Lucy has particular experience in assisting the family of a loved one who does not have mental capacity to make their own Will in the usual way, but to instead invite the Court of Protection to put in place a Will, known as a Statutory Will, for them.

Lucy is skilled at unravelling complicated situations which involve legal issues, whilst also acknowledging any concerns her client may have about their particular circumstances to agree on a way forward.

With over a decade of experience in this field of law, Lucy recognises that losing a loved one inevitably results in a difficult time of adjustment. She makes sure to be on hand for families to assist with the estate administration to take the strain on that front.

Lucy qualified in 1999 and has been a Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Planning ('STEP') since 2012.



Your Thoughts


“I had excellent help from Lucy Lamb. She came to my home and really helped me with advice. I really did appreciate it as I am not able to get out and about too well”