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Associate and Solicitor

Sarah Schooling

“I enjoy what I do and as part of a team with a broad spectrum of knowledge, we are able to provide great advice. Delivering the right outcomes for our clients is key to their satisfaction, we know that, and it is important to us. We are not afraid of asking what our clients’ want from us and going that extra distance to provide it.”

Sarah is an associate solicitor within the Housing Management team and has been advising and providing court representation to both public and private sector landlords for over 18 years.

Alongside Jenny Lloyd, Sarah leads a team of three other lawyers working with clients to provide advice on a range of housing management and property issues including:

  • Disrepair claims
  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • Social Housing Fraud
  • Injunction and possession claims
  • Property and land disputes including adverse possession and Access to Neighbouring Land applications
  • Traveller sites
  • Leasehold, Shared Ownership and Estate Management disputes

When not advising clients on specific legal matters, Sarah is out training the staff of registered providers to become more efficient and knowledgeable within the area of housing management. Sarah believes it is an important part of adding value for our clients, in that by learning along the way, they feel more able to deal with a matter should it arise again in the future.

Sarah also advises on non-contentious matters such as:

  • drafting tenancy agreements
  • rent setting
  • notices
  • deeds
  • terms of demotion
  • Policies & Procedures (P&Ps)

Sarah qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and has been working exclusively for social landlord for 10 years.

Martin Gallantree

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“Your impressive skill and cunning has paid dividends which we are extremely grateful for!”

Martin Gallantree

North Devon Home

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Yesterday, the government released their own Reactivation Notice.  Also yesterday, the Master of the Rolls (the most senior judge in England), released the final version of the guidance to courts on how possession proceedings will resume and be conducted following the lifting of the stay.

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Sarah Schooling

Associate and Solicitor

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Following on from our latest update, there have been further restrictions on possession proceedings announced by the government overnight. 

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Sarah Schooling

Associate and Solicitor