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Medical Negligence

Erb’s Palsy

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The birth of your child should be a wonderful and joyous event, but sometimes childbirth is not straight forward and there can be complications. In general, medical staff are equipped to deal with these complications but occasionally there are mistakes.

We know that it can be devastating to discover that your child has been injured because of an avoidable error. But our team of clinical negligence solicitors has specialist training in the area to ensure we can help you and your family.

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Trust our experience

If you or your child has Erb’s Palsy, then we can help you to bring a claim for damages.  We are the leading team of medical negligence solicitors in the country in Erb's Palsy compensation claims, having conducted around 300 claims in the last 25+ years. Our experience is unrivaled.    

We strive to ensure that those who suffer an avoidable injury receive appropriate compensation and we have achieved some of the highest awards for damages in the Country.

Because of our experience, we understand the current legal, medical and practical issues of Erb’s Palsy claims and have access to the leading experts and Barristers. 

Our work in this highly specialist field has also helped bring about an increased awareness of Erb’s Palsy and how the injury may be avoided. We are recommended by the Erb’s Palsy Group whom we’ve supported and worked closely with since they were formed in the early 1990’s. Our lawyers are therefore best placed and have both the medical and legal knowledge to help you with your claim.

The Erb’s Palsy Group

The Erb’s Palsy Group is a national charity which offers advice, information and support to families affected by the condition – click here to find out how the charity can help you.

We’ve worked closely with the Erb’s Palsy Group for 25+ years, supporting them to increase awareness and promote better understanding of this condition. The group strives to reduce incidence rates through education and training of the medical profession but also to promote better treatment, by early referral to specialist centres. Watch this animation made by Prompt (PRactical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training) one of many projects which we were delighted to support with the Erb’s Palsy Group.

Better care at birth costs less from Christopher Yau on Vimeo.

Because of our close connection with the Erb's Palsy Group we understand your needs and concerns and can support you through the compensation process aiming to make it as pain free as possible.

Every October the Erb's Palsy Group raises awerness about Erb's Palsy through an Erb's Palsy Awareness Week. Through social media, events and fundraising they aim to increase peoples knowledge of Erb's Palsy, and provide information and support to those affected.

Erb's Palsy Awareness Week


What is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s Palsy (also known as Brachial Plexus Palsy), is an injury commonly caused to a baby during birth, where the baby’s shoulder becomes stuck after the head has been delivered (shoulder dystocia) and the brachial plexus nerves in the trapped shoulder are stretched and injured. This can affect some or all the nerves which supply movement to the shoulder, arm, wrist and hand.

The injury to the nerves can range from:

  • Avulsion – where the nerves are pulled from the spinal cord;
  • Rupture – where the nerves are torn apart;
  • Neuroma – where a growth can form on the nerve; and
  • Neurapraxia - where there is nerve is simply “bruised”


Can Erb's Palsy injuries be avoided?

There are clear steps for Doctors and Midwives to follow to solve the problem when shoulder dystocia is encountered. However, not all Erb’s Palsy injuries are avoidable and some may occur even with best care. Research does indicate however that, where;

  • There is recognised shoulder dystocia during the birth;
  • The injury is to the “anterior shoulder” i.e. the one stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone; and
  • There is permanent harm i.e. a reduction in function at 12 months

The injury is likely to have been avoidable and as a result of the doctor/midwife pulling too hard when trying to achieve delivery.


Coping with Erb’s Palsy

Because of our extensive experience and our relationship with the Erb’s Palsy Group we know that Erb’s Palsy isn’t simply a physical injury.  Someone who has Erb’s Palsy may also suffer with psychological and emotional problems as a consequence. Read about some of our client’s experiences here

As a parent it can be very difficult to cope emotionally after what is likely to have been a traumatic birth, as well as coming to terms with looking after a child that needs extra care and is facing a lifelong disability. 


Your trusted legal partners

We are here to make sure that you get the best legal advice possible and to secure the maximum compensation for your injury and loss. Our solicitors will help you to navigate the future, guaranteeing that you have the funds you need to cover all your future medical, equipment and care needs. Contact us today.

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I felt that they understood

I heard about Tozers through the Erb’s Palsy Support Group, and from the minute I telephoned I felt that they understood.

I liked the fact that no matter how many times I called or asked questions I was never made to feel stupid or like I was wasting people’s time.

Mrs B Digby

Mrs B Digby