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Posted 11 July 2014
by Paul Kelly

Pitch fee: decrease in amenity of residential or holiday park

The Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended, requires park owners to have regard to particular matters when determining the new level of pitch fee.

One of these is any decrease in the amenity of the park, or of adjoining land also owned by the park owner, since the 26 May 2013.

Park owners therefore need to assess the amenity of the park from the 26 May 2013 to the current day and not just for the past 12 months since the last review date as previously. They also need to assess the amenity of any separate land adjoining the park which they also own. If a park owner owns a land next door to the park and the amenity of the adjoining land has decreased since 26 May 2013 then they need to take this into account when determining the new level of the pitch fee for the park.

Park owners are recommended to keep annual records of the condition of the park, including a photographic record, which can be referred to when reviewing the pitch fee in later years and used as evidence in any dispute of the pitch fee on grounds of decreased amenity.

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