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Jill Headford

Posted 24 October 2013
by Jill Headford

Protect your trademark

While many business recognise the importance of registering trade marks to protect their intellectual property they do not take action against small scale infringement due to the perceived costs.

However trade mark enforcement is now cheaper and easier than ever because of new rules for cases brought in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (the renamed Patents County Court):

  • The new £50,000 limit on the costs the loser can be required to pay to the winner, significantly reduces the costs risk of bringing an action.
  • A time limit for hearings of 1 to 2 days further reduces costs.
  • Active case management by the court means a more informal, streamlined process with some cases being resolved in just a few months from start to finish.

A reputation for aggressively defending your trade marks will make competitors think carefully before infringing them. Turning a blind eye where it is felt there is no real commercial threat may encourage others to infringe the same mark. Failing to act may make future enforcement more difficult and ultimately risk loss of your trade mark rights.

For a fixed fee we will:

  • assess your intellectual property
  • advise on your rights against an infringer and any action you need to take to protect your trade mark
  • prepare a “cease and desist” letter asserting your rights

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Jill Headford

Jill Headford

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