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Posted 26 March 2018
byTracy Lambert

Recognition of Grandparents’ rights in family law review

According to the following article in The Times Online, Nicola Sturgeon’s plans to review family law in Scotland will help children stay in contact with their Grandparents.

Increasingly, Grandparents are an integral part in the running of a modern-day family. Not only do they provide childcare and assistance with the day to day activities for busy families but also Grandparents help children understand family dynamics and heritage.

The relationship between Grandparents and their Grandchildren should not be underestimated and when a relationship breaks down, contact can be curtailed or even cease, causing distress to both child and Grandparent.

Tracy Lambert, partner and Grandparents’ rights specialist at Tozers comments:

“Currently in the UK there are very few options for Grandparents wishing to keep in contact with children after a separation. It is encouraging to see that ministers in Scotland are calling for new reforms that actively help Grandparents stay in touch with their Grandchildren. The family law team here at Tozers will be keeping a close eye on these developments and hoping the UK government will follow suit.”

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