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Posted 24 March 2017

Register of Companies and Business Scam

If you are in business, you are probably familiar with Companies House. This organisation registers the information companies are legally required to supply, and makes that information available to the public.

But have you heard of the National Register of Companies and Business? Earlier this week one of our clients forwarded us a letter from the organisation claiming that their newly registered company had to pay a fee to be entered onto this ‘National Register’. The timing of this letter gave our client reason to believe that it was in some way related to the company’s recent registration with Companies House, although the format of the letter made them suspicious. The letter asked them to go to and pay £190.00 and if they were not to do so they would not be entered onto the National Register for Companies and Businesses. Understandably, the client was concerned that this would impact upon their legal obligations.

As you have probably realised, this organisation is not genuine and our advice is simply to ignore and discard this letter. There is no relationship whatsoever between the National Register of Companies and Business and your Companies House registration, nor any legal obligation to register with this ‘National Register’. This scam is designed to confuse unsuspecting people who are not familiar with the registration process.  If you have your doubts you can call us or Companies House on 0303 1234500 to investigate any correspondence you have received.

Follow this link to read the latest article by Companies House which contains their advice on fraud, scams and unofficial registries.

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