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Posted 18 July 2019
by Stuart Bramley

Relative of NHS founder died from cancer after mistakes

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In a tragic case, Roderick Bevan – great-nephew of Nye Bevan who created the NHS – died from a cancerous tumour in his lung after hospitals did not tell him the news until it was too late for treatment. A scan in 2016 revealed a tumour but it wasn’t until January 2018 that Mr Bevan was told he had cancer. He died four months after his diagnosis.

With reference to this Daily Mail article, Stuart Bramley, clinical negligence partner at Tozers LLP notes:

“When anyone suffers a cancer which is wrongly missed by NHS staff it is appalling; there is a terrible irony when this happens to a relative of the man who founded the Health Service. My own clients report similar stories and the team of specialists  help and represent many patients who have clear signs of cancer but which are misdiagnosed. In many cases, like Mr Bevan it is often too late to save the individual’s life by the time the error is realised.

I do hope that the Trust here heed the coroner’s verdict and ensure that this does not happen again to any patient, regardless of who their great-uncle may be.”

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