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Posted 13 September 2017
by Stuart Bramley

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists make new recommendations about Group B Strep

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Stuart Bramley, a GBS litigation specialist, writes

“I was very pleased to see that the RCOG have finally made a number of new recommendations about Group B Strep. Perhaps the most effective step is the leaflet which will now be given to all expectant women. The majority of my clients whose babies were affected by Strep B tell me that they had either known very little about this devastating infection or nothing at all. In so many cases, disability or death may well have been avoided if the parents had been made aware of the early symptoms but until now, educating patients about GBS has been sketchy at best. It is no surprise that the leaflet was drafted with the cooperation of the campaigning organisation GBS Support and this represents a real move forward in that group’s wider aims.

I was also delighted that the RCOG are now introducing changes in respect of screening pregnant women. Although the new Guidelines fall a little short of universal screening for all mums-to-be, nonetheless the risk factors justifying screening are now to be extended and I sincerely hope that this picks up far more instances of Strep B than is currently the case. Even where there do not appear to be risks in a particular pregnancy, it is hoped that the leaflet will still flag up any indications that the newborn baby may nonetheless have developed GBS.”


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