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Posted 5 October 2017
by Stuart Bramley

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust patients ‘died waiting for care’ – BBC News

Tozers’ partner Stuart Bramley writes –

“A hospital being put into special measures would normally be an alarming development for local patients but unfortunately the facts here do seem to justify this dramatic step being taken. In the underfunded and hard-pressed NHS, not all treatment can be given immediately but the organisation NHS Improvement are fully aware of normal delays. This went very much further and it is hoped that all possible steps will be taken to remedy the situation. Too many of the claims that my colleagues in Tozers and I handle every day involve patients suffering, and sometimes dying, after having to wait too long for vital treatment and although I am acutely aware that bringing a legal claim for compensation will take more money out of the Health Service, those left injured by the error (both medical and administrative) of others cannot be left penniless because of something that should have been avoidable.

I do wish Royal Cornwall success in what now looks to be a genuine initiative to overcome these problems”.



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