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Posted 3 October 2014

Selling and gifting a mobile home

The Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended, and the Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013 require homeowners to follow a set legal procedure when selling or gifting their park home and assigning their Written Statement.

The procedure requires homeowners to use prescribed forms drafted by the Government (or a form substantially to the like effect) which include a Buyer’s Information Form, a Notice of Proposed Sale, an Assignment Form and a Notice of Assignment Form.

A failure to follow this procedure would be a breach of the terms of a homeowner’s agreement with the park owner and could have adverse effects on operation of the park. One adverse effect of not following the set legal procedure would be that there would potentially have been no legal assignment of the agreement set out in the Written Statement. In this scenario the buyers would not be obliged to pay the park owner commission nor any pitch fees but while they owned the home they would have no right to station it on the park.

It is therefore important that all park owners know what documentation they are entitled to receive from homeowners and purchasers.

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