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Posted 27 November 2018
by Stuart Bramley

Six Week Old Baby Died Four Days After Being Struck Down By Meningitis, Mother Reveals

Baby girl in hospital

With reference to the Daily Mail article, Stuart Bramley, a solicitor who has handled many GBS legal claims, observes –

“It is truly heartbreaking to read of yet another baby who has succumbed to Strep B.  Even one such death is one too many, but the number of instances in the UK really does necessitate action. In the video attached to this Daily Mail article the tireless GBS campaigner Jane Plumb explains why antibiotics should be given either if screening reveals that the mum-to-be carries the infection, or if a careful assessment that the mother’s risk factors warrant the same action. In my experience, sadly that happens nothing like often enough. Unlike in many countries screening is not mandatory for all pregnant women; and the risk-based approach is clearly not working since every day two babies contract GBS, and every week one of those will die and one will develop life-changing disabilities.

I am pleased the Mail’s story about poor Oscar Nally has flagged up a list of symptoms but it is disappointing that the list omits a sign which is not only commonplace but was the one first noted by Oscar’s mother and indeed many parents – the high-pitched cry. There is a real need for greater awareness of Group B Strep, not just amongst family members but often amongst clinicians as well. In many of my cases the tell-tale symptoms were apparent and noted but the diagnosis was either made too late or not at all. If anything good comes out of this tragedy I hope it is that people learn more about this terrible infection.”

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