Families start out in many different ways and come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of complexity. Whether a child is born into a family, adopted or the result of a surrogate pregnancy, each precious soul needs to be nurtured and loved. 

There are many ways that a parent supports their kin, but an important way, which is often forgotten until needed, is the legal aspect. The need to ensure that the T’s are crossed, and the I’s are dotted when it comes to their future.

Our trusted solicitors at Tozers would be delighted to join you on your journey through parenthood. From advising on maternity and employment issues, drawing up a will now that the size of your tribe has increased, to things like education advice or property acquirement. Who better to advise you on residential property than a local solicitor who is familiar with the area?

 We offer the full package of support, taking on the legal complexities so that you don’t have to.

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Our Personal Services

Wills – Planning and safeguarding your family’s future with those you trust.

Maternity and Employment – We know your rights, so relax and enjoy your family.

Residential Property – Ready to expand your living space? We’ll safely guide you.

Family Law – When life happens, we’ll be there to offer you support.

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How we can help

Wills and Probate

A total of around 7991 unclaimed UK estates valued at an approximate £1.744bn means there are at least 7991 reasons that you should make and update your will. 

With many years’ experience in planning ahead, our Wills and Probate team are on hand to guide and advise and can be trusted to help with a plethora of topics. From preparing a will, succession planning, minimising Inheritance Tax to estate administration and beyond, we’re here to help you.

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Maternity and Employment

Wondering how much paternity leave you’re entitled to? Do you qualify for Shared Parental Leave? What if your child falls ill and your employer asks you to take leave, what are you entitled to? 

At Tozers, our Maternity and Employment team know the answers, so rest assured in the knowledge that we are on your side. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in employment law and can be trusted to work with you in providing the most cost-effective solution.

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And much more...

Ready to expand your living space? Our Residential Property team will safely guide you.

Need a solicitor you can trust to have your back when life happens? Our Family Law team will be there to support you.

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We understand your world

Tozers is one of the leading law firms in the South West, having recently been named as a Top Tier Firm in the 2021 Legal 500 directory.

The trusted law firm has been around since 1785, producing generation after generation of trusted partners and colleagues. Tozers are hard wired into the South West, with some ties to local families, going back four generations. It goes without saying, therefore, that Tozers values long-term relationships and takes pride in investing time and energy into the area. 

With offices in Exeter, Teignmouth and Newton Abbott, the firm strives to be considered the first-choice law firm for people and business in the South West. By consistently providing quality work, the firm achieves healthy growth which results in happy teams and ultimately, satisfied clients.

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