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Where a Will makes provision for your finances after you are gone, a Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone to step into your shoes and make decisions on your behalf, if you are unable to in future. If you or your loved one have not yet thought about putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place we would recommend having a think about it now. Whether its a Property and Finance LPA, or a Health and Welfare LPA they allow someone you trust to look after your affairs if you should become unable to do so yourself, due to illness, old age or an accident for example.

However you may already have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place, or are already acting as an Attorney for a loved one, in which case you may be looking for help adminsitering or making changes to the legal documents, or even ending the LPA.


Making changes to a Lasting Power of Attorney

There are many factors that can affect yours or your loved ones Lasting Power of Attorney, and more specifically the peroson appointed as the Attorney. Divorce, illness or a disagreement could mean that the appointed Attorney would no longer be able, or right, to act in your best interest. If this is the case, you can request to formally remove them from the document with a Deed of Partial Revocation.

A Deed of Partial Revocation will revoke a specific named person’s power to act on your behalf without affecting the rest of the document and the powers of the other named Attorneys. In order for a Deed of Partial Revocation to be valid, it must be lodged with the Office of the Public Guardian along with the original Lasting Power of Attorney document and all existing certified copies.

However, if you need to make significant changes to the Attorneys you have appointed in your Lasting Power of Attorney, the best course of action is to revoke the current document in full and then progress with making a new one.


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If you or a loved one wish to appoint a Power of Attorney, contact our expert team to arrange a call back. To find out more about Lasting Powers of Attorney, an Attorneys duties, how they have been affected by Covid, or anything else about later life planning, please see key links below.

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At Tozers we know that thinking about these matters can be difficult, which is why we offer a sensitive and personal service. We take the time to get to know you, and the things that really matter to you, working with your from start to finish with your best interests at heart.

We have a team of legal experts who specialise in later life planning and wealth management, a number of whom are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) the Court of Protection Practitioners Association, the Agricultural Law Association, and other charities and organistions close to our hearts. As a firm we are also named as a Top Tier Law Firm in the Legal 500, including being top scoring for Client Service and Satisfaction.

Our approach revolves around staying one step ahead, and offering peace of mind knowing that every aspect has been considered and planned for. With offerings in other later life planning areas like Wills, trusts and tax, as well as dedicated teams for family law and estate management, we can help with every eventuality so you can rest easy,

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How can you get help with a Lasting Power of Attorney?

We can help with a number of issues that may occur with your own Lasting Power of Attorney, or that of a loved one, including updatinb the details of an Attorney if they move or pass away, removing an Attorney due to divorce or illness, fully revoking a current LPA to allow you to make significant changes to it, or if you just need some further help or adivce on a current Lasting Power of Attorney.

We will have an initail conversation with you to understand you and your situation, so we can then advise on the best course of action to achieve your desired outcome. We can help with any legal documentation and applications to make the process as smooth as possible.

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