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We understand the financial difficulties facing your business at this unprecedented time, which is why our Employment Law team have developed this essential toolkit to help you provide financial security for your business. With support and guidance for managing redundancies and reducing your workforce lawfully, properly and with minimal risk to the business.

This support packs comes with a limited time offer of up to 15% off until the end of July. Allowing you to start to get your business structure in order from today, ensuring that you, and your cashflow, are ready for when the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) comes to an end (currently on 31 October 2020) and that you are ready to follow a lawful redundancy process, and can fairly dismiss employees prior to this date.

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Questions we can help with

• When do I need to start planning a redundancy?
• How do I decide who is in the pool for redundancies?
• Do I need to meet with my employees and how can I do that in this current climate?
• Can I still make redundancies if I have furloughed employees?
• Do I need to make redundancy payments and how much will this cost me?
• What if some of my employees are on sick leave or maternity leave?

The limited time offer

Get your business structure in order from today with this limited time offer.

Get up to 15% off from the usual fee of £975 plus VAT, giving you access to the full Redundancy Support Pack.

Perfect for:

  • Small, medium and large sized businesses
  • Agencies
  • Public sector organistaion


  • Clear and concise guidance notes on how to run a redundancy process
  • Suite of documents including letters to employees/employee representatives at every stage of the redundancy process
  • FAQs sheet with worked examples
  • Clear, straightforward advice tailored to your business either by phone or Skype video link or by email

The Redundancy Support Pack has been hand crafted by our specialist team, who have a wealth of knowledge in employment law, and have worked with a range of organistaions, from large multi-nationals to small local businesses.

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Make the most of this limited time offer today

If you don’t get it right, the likelihood is that you will end up in an employment tribunal, and quite possibly lose, and with the government’s position on employees, work and pay changing daily it is very hard to keep up. Our Redundancies Support Pack is designed to offer you essential, easy to understand advice and support to ensure that you follow a fair and lawful redundancy process and minimise the risk to your business.

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