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Posted 23 October 2018

Stuart Bramley Makes His Comments After Woman Calls for Pregnancy Screening for Common Bacteria

Pregnant Women

‘An £11 test could have saved our baby’: Woman calls for pregnancy screening for common bacteria that kills one newborn a week –

Stuart Bramley, a solicitor specialising on GBS cases, writes –

With reference to the Inews Online article

“Although we often read of particular threats to patient safety, or statistics showing health risks, nothing illustrates the problem as starkly as a real-life story such as this one. It was heart-breaking to read about what happened to Edward, but even more alarming in that this occurs so often. In the legal claims, I deal with, parents are generally amazed to learn that a test for GBS in pregnancy is so inexpensive and so simple and that many countries around the world, including some with health systems much less sophisticated than our own, routinely offer this. I am pleased that the i newspaper is telling readers about the public campaigns about this, including those being run by Edward’s mother and by the charity Group B Strep Support.

We do have the resources to prevent tragedies such as this one – the cost of legal claims when GBS has been negligently missed will dwarf the cost of testing for Strep B. I do commend Fiona Paddon and Scott Bramley (no relation) for their fight to prevent other parents having to go through the same loss”

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