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Posted 16 June 2016
by Endurance Arthur

Study carried out into Stillbirths, neonatal death and birth related brain injuries are inadequate in 1 in 4 cases

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) is the leading College setting standards for best practice in care in childbirth.  The College has set a target to halve the number of stillbirths, incidents of babies dying at less than a week old and birth related brain injuries by 2020. Unfortunately, the College is concerned that it won’t reach this target because its own study entitled Each Baby Counts shows that the investigations carried out are inadequate in 1 in 4 cases looked at.  There were 654 severe brain injuries, 147 neonatal deaths and 119 stillbirths during term labour reported in 2015 to the study.  In more than half of the cases, the parents did not even know the investigation in to the circumstances of the death or injury was going on and they were therefore not part of the process.  Impartial experts who would give a fair analysis of whether substandard care caused or contributed to the death or injury were regularly not used in 1 in 4 cases according to RCOG.


“I represent a large number of children and parents whose lives have been blighted by birth related injuries or deaths. I am saddened that at a time when the government is making it even more difficult for victims of medical negligence to pursue claims, not only are these incidents not decreasing in number, but when they do occur there is regularly an attempt to sweep them under the carpet”. – Endurance Arthur

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