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Sarah Miller

Posted 30 June 2016
by Sarah Miller

Summer Bulletin – Part 3: Domestic Abuse

Coercive behaviour conviction

A man who ‘controlled every aspect of a victim’s life’ has been convicted for controlling or coercive behaviour and sentenced to six months imprisonment with a two year restraining order being put in place.

The perpetrator would prevent his former partner from seeing her friends and questioned where she had been if she came in late. He would also stop the victim from using her mobile phone and controlled her social media including forcing her to delete friends on Facebook.

Women’s Aid scheme to tackle hidden domestic abuse

Women’s Aid is calling for people who work in communities to become ambassadors and reach out to victims of domestic abuse. The participants, people who work for example as hairdressers and priests, will be asked to be alert to warning signs such as coercive control. If they believe someone could be a victim they are asked to advise these individuals of local services.

Ministry of Justice seeks views on legal aid for domestic violence victims

The government recently announced it will be carrying out a review of the evidence requirements for domestic abuse victims seeking legal aid for private family cases. The MoJ has now commenced work with the Law Society, the Legal Aid Practitioners Group, Resolution and Rights of Women to gather information about the current arrangements and how they actually work.



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