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Kristi Kirkham

Posted 22 February 2018
by Kristi Kirkham

Tesco Facing Claims of up to £4bn in Equal Pay

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The supermarket giant is accused of paying female shop assistants as much as £3 per hour less than male warehouse workers. Nearly one hundred shop assistants claim that their duties are similar to the warehouse workers and their roles also require lifting and carrying.

The employees allege that Tesco continued to pay the mostly male warehouse workers double pay for working a Sunday shift while the shop staff had their Sunday pay rates cut to time and a half, which amounted to around £200 per month for many employees.

The claims are off the back of similar claims also brought by Leigh Day firm against Asda in 2014. The latest Employment Tribunal ruled against Asda and they are expected to appeal that ruling in October this year. While Employment Tribunal claims have not yet been submitted, Leigh Day, the law firm representing the employees, has started submitting claims through Acas.

Our experience of defending equal pay claims in the employment tribunal is that they are multifaceted and challenging to defend.

If you are concerned about the risk of such a claim or that your pay structures may be discriminatory, please get in touch with a member of our specialist employment team on 01392 207020 or e-mail

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