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Posted 28 April 2015
by Stephen Jennings

The 2015 General Election – The possible changes for Employment Law

Over the course of the previous four weeks we have taken a brief look at the manifestos of the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour and UKIP, in respect of their proposed changes to the employment law landscape, in the run up to the May election.

In our final part of our series, we look at UKIP who would;

  • Enable businesses to discriminate in favour of young British workers/applicants
  • Repeal the Agency Workers Directive;
  • Extend the right of appeal for micro businesses against HMRC action (presumably in terms of tax and meeting NMW requirements);
  • Repeal “much of” the current discrimination laws; and
  • Review all legislation and regulations from the EU and remove those which “hamper British prosperity and competitiveness”.

Whichever party wins the election, or a coalition of any mixture of parties, there may be changes ahead. Needless to say, we will keep you updated. Watch this space!


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Stephen Jennings

Partner and Solicitor

Partner in the litigation department specialising in employment law, he is the relationship manager for many of the firm's employment clients