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Posted 7 April 2015
by Stephen Jennings

The 2015 General Election – The possible changes for employment law

In a four part series, we will take a brief look at the manifestos of the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour and UKIP, in respect of their proposed changes to the employment law landscape, in the run up to the May election.

This week we look at the Conservatives who pledge to;

  • Increase the NMW to £7 per hour in the near future;
  • Prohibit exclusivity clauses from zero hours contracts;
  • Require strike action to take place within 3 months after a ballot has taken place;
  • Require trade unions to give a minimum of 14 days’ notice of industrial action; and
  • Introduce a cap on redundancy payments which are paid to public sector employees at £95,000.

Next week we’ll look at the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto.

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About the author

Stephen Jennings

Partner and Solicitor

Partner in the litigation department specialising in employment law, he is the relationship manager for many of the firm's employment clients