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Posted 19 April 2012
by Martin Laver

The benefits of outplacement

Occasionally we like to bring you articles written by our colleagues in the employment world.  In this blog, Shaun Durham, Executive Coach at Ki People, writes about the benefits of outplacement.

Outplacement is the term used to describe a whole range of tools and methodologies to support an exiting employee through a career transition. Invariably this support is paid for by the employer and delivered by a third party firm, although we are increasingly finding individuals are financing programmes themselves.

Why? Because the outplacement market is in a state of flux.

Sadly, fewer and fewer organisations are offering outplacement support. For many, this is simply a cost decision. For others there is a perception that the plethora of ‘free’ services and cloud-based technology means that they no longer feel obligated to help employees transition into a new role.

However, not only is offering outplacement the right thing to do, it makes sound business sense for the following reasons:

  • Demonstrates that the business or organisation takes its employees’ well-being seriously
  • Improves the positive perception of the brand, reinforcing employer of choice status.
  • Improves productivity and morale in the employees that remain
  • Using outside consultants removes any personal and political issues from the process
  • Frees up line management time to concentrate on the day-to-day business
  • Reduces the likelihood of legal action because departing employees feel valued, which turns into goodwill to their employer for going the extra mile. Often the former employee becomes an ambassador for the business.

At Ki People we believe that for an investment of just a few hundred pounds, both the organisation and the exiting employee can get value and feel valued. For how a business treats its people – on entry, when employed and on exit – will be the key competitive differentiator going forward.

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