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Posted 7 June 2013
by Paul Kelly

The Residential Property Tribunal (“RPT”) is changing

On the 1 July 2013 the RPT will merge with other property related tribunals to form the First- Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). The Property Chamber will maintain the current RPT regional structure and will take over all of its current functions.

The existing procedural rules that apply to applications in the RPT are to be changed and unified with other Tribunal procedural rules. This unification of rules is intended to simplify the process for those parties who in the past may have faced different rules in different property Tribunals. Importantly for park operator, the Tribunal will have wider powers to deal with parties who fail to comply with directions. Quite how the Tribunal will exercise those powers in reality will remain to be seen.

For those applicants who have commenced proceedings before 1 July 2013 which are pending, the applications will continue as proceedings before the new First-Tier Tribunal. Any decision or direction or order given or made in proceedings before 1 July 2013 remains in force as if it was a decision of the First-Tier Tribunal.

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