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Posted 4 August 2017
by Stuart Bramley

Tozers’ clinical negligence and inquest specialist Stuart Bramley writes –

baby in mothers arms

“The coroner’s observations in this tragic cases seem odd at best and insensitive at worst. He suggests that certain errors were made and the care was sub-optimal, before asserting that ‘there wasn’t any evidence of a really bad standard of care’.  Even the hospital’s own Director of Nursing admits that lessons have been learned.

My team’s experience of birth errors indicates that these incidents are still far too common. It is too often the case that, as with Thea, warning signs clearly flag up deteriorating oxygen supply to the fetus, but steps are taken late if at all. Even with a complete lack of oxygen, a fetus can last for 10 minutes before brain injury begins, so it is not as though the damage all occurs in a very brief space of time. I do hope the clinicians involved here and the Trust take all possible steps to prevent any similar deaths”.

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