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Posted 6 March 2017
by Stuart Bramley

Tozers Solicitors Back National Screening Campaign For Group B Strep

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GBS specialist solicitor Stuart Bramley writes –

“Everyone concerned about childbirth and risks to babies should be aware of this campaign. The ‘unnecessary’ risk from antibiotics is something many experts believe to be over-stated and there have been few side-effects reported in all the countries including the USA where Group B Strep screening is universally carried out. By contrast screening, and where necessary action, avoids precisely the danger flagged up by 5 Live Investigates – the children affected each year by undiagnosed and untreated GBS, many of whom die and many of whom suffer meningitis and/or septicaemia leading to brain injury. I have fought for compensation for these children for years and firmly believe that this heartache would be reduced by automatic screening. I urge readers to watch the footage and lend their support to the campaign for a national screening programme in the UK”.

Tozers’ partner Stuart Bramley is one of the few solicitors in the UK on the legal panel of the leading charity and pressure group, Group B Strep Support.

We have unrivalled experience in handling GBS claims – We strive to do so efficiently but also with tact and sensitivity.

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