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Posted 13 September 2017
byMelanie Burton

Tozers Solicitors proudly back Brixham Girl’s U15s Amateur Football Team

As a prominent South West business we feel very proud to provide our backing to a variety of growing local projects as well as supporting skilful individuals such as those who play for the new under fifteens girl’s football team in Brixham.

According to the Football Association (FA) which has run the women’s game since 1993: “football is now the top participation sport for women and girls in England.” The FA has set up a number of professional leagues for women and these are very much fed by localised teams that run football games at a grass roots level.

As well as football benefitting from an influx of female players, there has been a recent nationwide rise in general physical activity amongst girls and women. The popular campaign entitled ‘This Girl Can’ is an example of how Sport England has recently succeeded in getting 1.6 million more women exercising.

Sport England deduced from their research that many girls and women fear judgement from others when they exercise due to the way they look, they also lack confidence in their ability as well as having concerns about their level of fitness. A 90 second video on YouTube showing how ‘This Girl Can’ get involved in sport has been watched an incredible 37 million times; it depicts the joy of being active and is a powerful celebration of females who are overcoming the psychological barriers to exercise and finding out how capable they really are.

The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign has been funded by the National Lottery and is filtrated down to local groups through the support of organisations like Active Devon. Girls and Women can join the Devon-based movement by searching for #DevonGirlsCan on the Twitter account of @activedevon.

Encouraging girls to participate in sport from an early age is part of a wider strategy for Active Devon. This organisation is faced with statistics such as those from Sport England which state: “when it comes to exercise; 36% of the least-active schoolgirls feel like their body is on show in PE lessons and that makes them like PE less.” The concern is that if these girls don’t feel comfortable they are less likely to participate and in turn they miss out on activities that could boost their physical health and enhance their social and emotional growth. They will also miss out on learning disciplines that promote hand-eye co-ordination, agility, balance, power, strength and endurance; all of which could help build a longer term confidence in what their bodies are capable of.

According to Sport England: “Two million fewer 14- to 40-year-old women take part in sport when compared with men.” This carves out a crucial mission for organisations like Active Devon which as part of their work have a great deal of involvement with schools and clubs to promote the positive impact of sport and exercise and to encourage young people to get active and stay active. Sharing in this sentiment the Tozers team hope that the young players at Brixham Football Club have a fantastic first season and through the camaraderie of team sport share a love for the game which will last for years to come!

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