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Posted 6 January 2014
by Simon Sanger-Anderson

UNISON challenges the legality of tribunal fees

During 2013, the Government introduced a system where employees must pay a fee of at least £160 to the employment tribunals to bring their case against their employers.

According to research, claims against employers have dropped by up to 55% since the introduction of the fees in July.

UNISON, is now seeking a Judicial Review of the Government’s decision to introduce tribunal fees. UNISON’s arguments against the fees are:

  1. that the system indirectly discriminates against women because they tend to earn less than men and so they will be less able to enforce their rights;
  2. it breaches the principle that EU rights should not be subject to less favourable procedural rules than comparable domestic law;
  3. the current process is unlawful because it makes it impossible or excessively difficult for an individual to enforce their rights under EU law; and
  4. the Government did not complete an assessment of the possible effect upon claimants.

The outcome of the review is expected early this year.

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