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Jill Headford

Posted 18 March 2014
by Jill Headford

Website audit

Does your website comply with the law?

Failure to comply with the law can leave you open to penalties or make your contracts with customers unenforceable. Infringement of copyright, even if inadvertent, can be expensive. Inappropriate or inadequate website terms can leave you wide open.

We offer a free Website Audit to help you decide what you need to do to bring your website up to scratch. You might need to think about:

  • Who owns the Domain Name
  • Do you have adequate Website Terms of Use
  • The Information you are required to display by law
  • The law on Online Selling
  • Data Protection issues
  • Whether you own (or have the right to use) the Copyright in your writing, graphics, photographs or video clips
  • Whether you should be protecting your name, brand or logo as a Trade Mark to prevent imitation

Free advice
We will always be happy to give an initial assessment over the telephone at no charge.  We will tell you what you can do and what it would cost.  For more information contact Jill Headford 01392 207020



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Jill Headford

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