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Posted 19 February 2019
by Stuart Bramley

“We feared our baby was in danger. Why did no one listen?”

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Alison Clark developed an infection whilst in labour for 32 hours. She and her husband begged maternity staff for a caesarean, but it was too late. Baby Sebastian died at just four days old from a brain injury caused by infection following lamentable failings.

With reference to the Daily Mail Online article, birth injury solicitor Stuart Bramley, writes his thoughts-

“It is heartbreaking to read yet another story of a baby who died from avoidable causes. Midwives and obstetricians should be well aware of the increased dangers of infection when the labour is long or where the mother’s waters break more than 18 hours before delivery. When that occurs the staff ought to be particularly aware of the signs that all is not well – it is not as though chorioamnionitis is anything unusual. If giving the mother antibiotics does not help then there should always be a serious discussion about the benefits and risks of a Caesarean delivery. The law now mandates that, rather than simply reassuring the parents.

As if losing Sebastian was not tragic enough, it seems as though the subsequent counselling and support fell well short of appropriate standards. My sympathies do go out to Alison and Justin”.

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