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Posted 6 June 2016
by Paul Kelly

Will fast broadband become a legal right for all?

The use of Wi-Fi has become a staple in almost everyone’s daily routine with many holiday makers choosing their holiday destination based solely on whether they will have access to broadband. For many holiday parks access to broadband can be difficult due to location or an insufficient speed for the Park’s demands.

In the most recent Queen’s Speech it was proposed that the Government would introduce a Digital Economy Bill with the aim of establishing a Broadband Universal Service Obligation, which would give all businesses and individuals the legal right to have a fast broadband connection. It is currently envisaged that the minimum broadband speed would be 10Mbps.

This could see all holiday parks being given the opportunity to install a broadband service for either their personal use or their customer’s use where previously unable. However, the “very remote” holiday parks may be required to pay a fee.

The full details of the Bill are yet to be confirmed but Park Owners should keep themselves informed of any developments in the law to enable them to pursue this opportunity at the earliest point possible.

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