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Posted 17 March 2017
by Anouska Musson

It won’t be a-round for long

A new one pound coin will be entering into circulation this month. It has been developed in order to tackle forgery, with the new coin having lost its traditional round shape and featuring a distinctive 12-sided design.
Due to the new design, park equipment such as vending or parking ticket machines may not accept or recognise the new coin. Parks should contact the manufacturers to arrange for replacements or alterations.

The new coin will become legal tender on 28 March 2017, alongside the current coin. Initially, parks can accept both the new and old coins from customers. If your machines will only accept either the new or the old coins, you must inform your customers of this.

The old pound coins will be valid currency until 16 October 2017, at which point all of your equipment must be prepared to accept the new coins.

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