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Posted 26 August 2014
by Martin Laver

Zero hours contracts

Last month, the government confirmed that it would seek to prohibit exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts.

The effect of such clauses meant that employees were not guaranteed hours from their employer but could not seek alternative employment anywhere to fill the gaps without the risk of being dismissed from their current position. It is unclear just how many such contractual clauses are in operation but they are being used and the risk is they could be adopted by more and more employers.

The prohibition will come in the form of an amendment to the Employment Rights Act and the wording is being worked up.

In the meantime the government, aware of the potential for avoidance of the new prohibition, has opened a further consultation on how best to protect the prohibition from abuse. In keeping with the government attempt to deregulate part of the consultation seeks responses on whether specific anti-avoidance legislation should be brought in the same time or whether a watching brief should be kept.

To view the consultation and to respond, click here.

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