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Our History

We've been Solicitors in Devon since 1785, sharing the regions rich history and heritage. So you could say that we've been there and done that.

The Tozer family name

The name "Tozer" is a very old one, with many people bearing it living in Devon over two hundred years ago.

Derivative of Middle English "tosen" for someone who teased wool flax to clean and separate the fibres, the Tozers family were members of the wool trade around Ashburton and Newton Abbot.

Today our branding draws from this history, with the golden thread of our illustrations being a nod towards the strands of wool that generations of the Tozer family worked with.





A family firm

Founded in 1785, Tozers Solicitors was started by 21-year old John Chappell Tozer in Newton Bushell, now part of Newton Abbot. The firm was led by 4 generations of the Tozers family, the last being Edward J F Tozer who was a partner for 50 years.

In 1807, JC Tozer set up his plate in the ‘fashionable watering place of Teignmouth’. The Tozer family bought new premises in the town in 1871 and the Orchard Gardens office is still there to this day.



A history across Devon

In 1945, Tozers reopened in Newton Abbot, and for well over a century from 1882, the firm had an office in Dawlish, and at various times offered specialist child care and other legal services in Paignton, Torquay and Plymouth. 

In the 1850s the firm had dealings with the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and over the years have worked with other famous local clients including Buckfast Abbey, the Teignmouth Harbour Commission, and the Teignmouth and Shaldon Bridge Company.







Leading the way

Tozers had its first female partner, Margaret Anstey, who was also elected the first female president of Devon and Exeter Law Society, and was the only woman on the 100-strong Law Society Council in the 1980s.

While the firm developed close associations with a number of smaller firms across Devon, since the death of Eddie Tozer the firm has been known to all as Tozers, and retained its independence.



A modern family firm

Today the firm has over 190 colleagues working across 3 offices in Devon, with over 40% of its 30 Partners being female.

Tozers are known as local experts and national specialists in chosen sectors, boasting a loyal client across Devon and the South West.

Supporting a large charity since the 1850s, being national legal advisers to the British Holiday and Home Park Association since 1957, and providing legal services to the 4th generation of a South West farming family, Tozers are proud of their long-term relationships and history in Devon.




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