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Work Placements


Find out what working at a law firm is really like with a work placement

A work placement at Tozers gives you practical experience of day-to-day life at one of the South West’s top-ranked law firms.

You will have a chance to work with junior fee earners across a number of teams at the firm, including both contentious and non-contentious seats. This offers an invaluable insight into what a career in law might mean for you.


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What to expect from a work placement at Tozers?

You will have a the opportunity to work with fee earners across our broad range of legal teams, offering an invaluable insight into what a real career in law might mean for you, and allowing you to;

  • Add value to your CV
  • Build links to junior fee earners
  • Develop core legal skills and practical experience
  • Explore a variety of practice areas to enhance your career development


Apply for a work placement

Our one-week placements take place during July and October, with the next work placement week being in October 2022.

We are accepting applications for our October work placement week until Friday 19 August 2022.

To qualify for work experience with us, you must be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in a legal career, so make sure to add this to you application.

Please apply here, or to find out more information email