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Planning and Licensing

Our planning system is notoriously complicated. We can help you to navigate this so that you can move forward with your building or development project. Our planning lawyers provide practical advice on all planning issues, including applications and appeals.

Planning and Licensing


If you are intending to carry out development work on your property or land, it is vital to get the necessary planning permission to avoid any issues now or in the future.

The planning system can seem like a maze of requirements, but our specialist planning lawyers are on hand to cut through the complexities. We provide expert advice and clear answers, helping you to understand exactly how to make an effective application.


Practical planning support

Our planning lawyers deal with all planning matters for property owners, landowners and small businesses.

  • Preparing and submitting a planning application - with an in-depth knowledge of planning law, we know what your application needs to cover to be successful. We address any potential problems, making sure the final application is as strong as possible.
  • Appealing a planning decision - if your application has been refused, we can take you through the appeal process, preparing appeal documents and either representing you ourselves at a hearing or inquiry or working with a barrister on your appeal.
  • Dealing with planning enforcement - if the local planning authority thinks that your development is unlawful, they may take enforcement action. We can assess whether planning permission was necessary and advise on your next steps, from obtaining a certificate of lawfulness to representing you at an appeal.

We also provide planning advice for larger developers and commercial projects – see our commercial planning and licensing page for more information.

Planning permission isn't always needed but it is important to confirm if this is the case for your project, to avoid the stress of enforcement action further down the line. We advise on the requirements for making an application and guide you through the process at every stage.


Planning from all perspectives

Planning control exists to regulate the development and use of land, balancing the provision of facilities and homes with the protection of the natural environment. We understand this bigger picture and the criteria used to assess planning applications.

Having worked within planning departments for local authorities, we have experience ‘on both sides of the fence’ and can advise you on the intricacies of planning law from all perspectives.

Above all, our planning lawyers are committed to helping you get the outcome you need, so you can focus on moving forward with your building projects.


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Does the construction of a bike training circuit for personal use in your garden require planning permission?

Posted on 26th November 2021 in Planning and Licensing

The case involved a bike training circuit that had been set up in someone’s garden. It included the creation of tracks, jumps, ramps and scaffolding towers. The local authority took enforcement action alleging a material change of use of the garden to a mixed use for residential use and mountain bike purposes and use for motorised sport. The landowner appealed against the enforcement notice.

Posted by

Alex McKerron

Chartered Legal Executive

Is a glamping pod or shepherd’s hut a building?

Posted on 15th October 2021 in Planning and Licensing

In a recent decision issued by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) it was confirmed that a shepherd's hut and a glamping pod met the definition of ‘caravan’.

Posted by

Amy Cater

Partner and Solicitor