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Planning and Licensing

Planning control regulates the development and use of land. A key role is to enable the provision of homes, investment and jobs, vibrant town centres and recreational/tourist facilities, whilst at the same time protecting the natural environment.

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Planning and Licensing

There are two broad types of “development” that are subject to planning control. The first is “operational development” which essentially means building or engineering operations. The second is the material change of use of land or buildings.

The planning system is policy led and local planning authorities are required to make decisions in accordance with their adopted policies and any other material considerations that might be applicable. Failure to do so can result in a successful challenge to any decision.

Some forms of development benefit from blanket planning permission and do not require specific applications for planning permission to be made, but in other cases a formal application will need to be made to the local planning authority. Where an application is initially unsuccessful we can take it to appeal where we have an excellent track record.

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