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Planning and Licensing

Planning enforcement

From time to time development is carried out without the necessary permission.

Either people are unaware of the need for planning permission, or they are willing to take a chance by not obtaining planning permission to keep the costs down and reduce the waiting time. The Local Planning Authority may decide to take enforcement action when they become aware of the development.

What is likely to happen with planning enforcemenat action

The process often starts with the Local Planning Authority serving a Planning Contravention Notice to find out more information about the development and who owns this land. This may then be followed by the service of an enforcement notice. An enforcement notice will set out the alleged breach of planning control; the works that you need to complete in order to remedy the breach; and the timescale in which you need to complete the works. Failure to comply with an enforcement notice is a criminal offence and so it is important to take early advice if you receive an enforcement notice. There is a right of appeal against the notice.

How we can help

Our planning team can help you deal with any enforcement issues you might face, including liaising with the LPA; drafting appeal statements and representing you at an appeal or in the worst case scenario in the Magistrates’ Court.

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