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Intellectual Property

We advise on all aspects of intellectual property including registration, assignment, licensing and enforcement, including defending infringement claims. We understand intellectual property is a key component to all organisations, no matter the size, and we will ensure these assets are safeguarded for you.

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Trademarks and brands

Protecting your brand with a registered trade mark is essential. We will help you make the right decision about what trade mark to register, and in which classes, preparing and submitting applications for registered trade marks and guiding you through the process. We advise on trade mark licences, assignment and using your trade marks to generate investment.

Design rights

Design rights can protect your products from copying. We advise on whether your design is capable of registration and we will prepare and submit applications for registered designs.


Copyright protects your text, images and website design. Copyright can’t be registered, but you can rely on it to prevent anyone else copying your material. Identifying and recording ownership is vital at the outset of almost any commercial endeavour. We can help you exploit your copyright, including licencing and assignment.

Domains and online selling

We understand how to exploit and protect brands online, and help you with the acquisition and transfer of domains. We are experienced in gaining control of domains that infringe your intellectual property rights (cyber-squatting) and restoring control of your domain via domain disputes before ICANN and Nominet.

We are experienced in helping online third party sellers regain control of their listings, and advise on disputes involving listing hijacking, trade mark infringement and counterfeit products.


If a competitor takes advantage of your hard earned reputation we can enforce your rights. We will guide you through the enforcement process and represent you at a hearing in the unlikely event the issue cannot be resolved without court or tribunal action.  

If you need to oppose someone else’s trade mark application, cancel an existing trade mark or defend your own registration we can help. We are regularly instructed in claims in the Intellectual Property Office Tribunal in trade mark opposition, cancellation and invalidation proceedings.

Defending infringement claims

Sometimes you may need to respond to allegations by somebody else that you have infringed their intellectual property rights. Perhaps there is an overlap between your rights and theirs, or perhaps your application for registration has been opposed.  If you receive a threat of legal action about somebody else’s intellectual property rights, we can respond on your behalf.  We will always try to avoid court action and find another way of resolving the issues.

How we can help you?

We can advise you on the nature and extent of your intellectual property rights and what you might have which is worth protecting.  We can guide you through any registration processes and advise on how to protect your business. 

We also advise on information technology, data protection, and e-commerce which can all be closely related to intellectual property, and to personal data, websites and the conduct of online business.