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Intellectual Property


An organisation’s online presence is vital to generating business and protecting reputation. The loss of a domain to a competitor can be catastrophic. For businesses that sell online, preventing brand hijacking is an increasing concern. 

Resolving domain disputes

All website domains are subject to a domain dispute resolution procedure which permits affected parties to prevent domains being registered where the prospective domain name infringes intellectual property rights. For .com and domains this is known as the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

The procedure takes place outside the courts but often parties are required to plead a case based on their legal rights.

Preventing brand hijacking

When a competitor registers a domain or takes control of product listings online via services such as Amazon Brand Registry it is often possible to take back control without recourse to legal proceedings. This is usually made easier if trade marks have been registered in the domain and brand names. We can advise on how to prepare for and respond to domain and product listing disputes.

We can help with

  • Bringing and defending domain name disputes via the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy procedure.
  • Preventing domain disputes by ensuring business and brand names are protected by registered trade marks.
  • Regaining control of online product listings from brand hijacking

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