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Planning and Licensing

Judicial and Statutory Review

A Judicial Review is a legal challenge to a decision made by a public authority.

In a planning law context this arises when a Local Planning Authority grants planning permission for a development and local objectors consider this decision to be unlawful. An example would be where the Local Planning Authority had not carried out an Environmental Impact Assessment before granting planning permission. An objector (known as an interested party) may seek permission from the Planning Court (a division of the High Court) to proceed with a Judicial Review to have the planning permission quashed. Once a Local Planning Authority issues a planning permission, a challenge can only be made within 6 weeks of the date of the decision.

How we can help

We act for interested parties looking to challenge a public authority’s decision as well as for public authorities seeking to defend their decisions against challenge.

As Judicial Review is notoriously costly and drawn out we will advise you from the start about the likely costs involved and the court process. We will advise on preparation of evidence and sworn statements and will attend court and liaise with counsel.

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