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Planning and Licensing

Statutory Nuisance on Your Property

Some specific activities can give rise to what is known as a “statutory nuisance”.

A statutory nuisance can be caused by noise, smoke, fumes, gases, odours and artificial light if it interferes with the health and safety, or comfort of the public at large, which can include the interference with the occupation and enjoyment of individual properties. If a local authority considers that a statutory nuisance exists then they will usually serve  an abatement notice on those responsible. Failure to comply with an abatement notice can result in a prosecution and lead to substantial fines.


How can we help

Our team can explain to you what your rights are and help you with making representations to the local authority and getting them to take action.  If you have been served with an abatement notice we can advise you about your options including appealing against the notice.

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