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Can affordable housing be privately managed?

Posted on 05th January 2022 in Affordable Housing

Posted by

Alex McKerron

Associate & Chartered Legal Executive
Can affordable housing be privately managed?

A proposed development of 115 privately rented dwellings, which were to be managed privately rather than through a Registered Provider, was appealed. However, the Inspector found that the units did not conflict with the development plans.

The Inspector stated that “whilst I note the Council’s preference is towards a registered provider of social housing, there is nothing before me, in either policy terms or within the UU itself, to lead me to believe that private management of the affordable units would compromise their delivery or management, in the short or long term”.


Can affordable housing be privately managed?

The National Planning Policy Framework allows private management of affordable housing in Build to Rent Schemes, even up to 100% of private rented dwellings in the scheme. However, in reguards to the above case, the Council had concerns about the "ongoing management of the units and the selection criteria to be applied". 

The Inspector, however, noted that the type and distribution of the affordable housing was yet to be agreed. They imposed a condition that required approval of these details by the Council prior to commencement, ensuring that the units would be retained as affordable rentals.


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