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Family seek answers as they claim hospital delays led to death of boy

Posted on 09th December 2022 in Medical Negligence

Posted by

Michelle Beckett

Senior Associate & Solicitor
Family seek answers as they claim hospital delays led to death of boy

An investigation is underway to determine whether 5 year old Yusuf Mahmud Nazir’s death could have been prevented.

The family are understandably extremely devastated by Yusuf’s death and are seeking answers in respect of the care that he was provided with.  They report that:

  • Yusuf fell ill with a sore throat on 13 November.
  • On 14th November he was prescribed antibiotics by his GP.
  • He was subsequently taken to Rotherham Hospital and diagnosed with tonsilitis (the family report the Dr told them that it was the worst case they had ever seen). He was subsequently sent home.
  • His condition deteriorated and they contacted the hospital where they begged for help but were told that they had queues of children waiting for treatment and no beds.
  • By 18th November Yusuf was unable to speak, eat or drink and was taken to Sheffield Childrens hospital.
  • Despite Yusuf being given IV antibiotics and his condition seeming to improve, tragically Yusuf passed away on 23th November 2022.

The trust have commenced a thorough investigation into Yusuf’s care with a Department of Health and Social Care spokesman commenting that “All children deserve the highest levels of care and we are taking urgent action to ensure no families have to experience these kinds of tragedies”


Medical Negligence specialist Michelle Beckett comments:

My deepest sympathies go out to Yusuf’s family.  Losing a loved one at any age is devastating but is particularly harrowing when the child is so young.

We are sadly, inundated with stories regarding an overwhelmed and the NHS is undoubtedly under extreme care. However, as has been commented above, all children deserve the highest level of care.

I am pleased that the Trust have commenced a thorough investigation and although it will not change what happened I hope they will be able provide answers to Yusuf’s family and if necessary learn lessons from this tragic case.


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