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Guide to holding virtual charity meetings

Posted on 14th April 2021 in Charities and Social Enterprise, Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted by

Amy Laver

Partner and Solicitor
Guide to holding  virtual charity meetings

Following the lapse of the emergency measures introduced by the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020, the Charity Commission has issued updated guidance explaining their approach to charities who are experiencing difficulties holding face to face meetings.

The latest update from the Charity Commission is explained below, and the full guidance can be found here.


How can we hold a charity meeting if we can't meet face to face?

The first step is for trustees to check if their charity’s governing document allows them to hold meetings online or by telephone, and if it does not it may need to be amended to allow for meetings to be held in this way.


What if we also can't hold a charity meeting virtually?

For some charities virtual meetings are not a viable solution, and neither are socially distanced face-to-face meetings. In instances like these trustees may consider they have no choice but to cancel or postpone their meetings and AGMs. If this is the agreed decision then you should make sure to follow any rules in your charity’s governing document that allow for postponement, adjournment, or cancellation. If there are no such rules, but you decide that this is still the best course of action for your charity in the current circumstances, you should record the reasons for this decision to demonstrate good governance of your charity. This is also particularly important if it is not possible to hold your AGM which may make it difficult for you to finalise your annual reports and accounts.


Should we review our charities governing documents?

Yes, reviewing your governing documents is vital to ensure you are taking the correct steps for your charity, and recording actions taken to demonstrate good governance.


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