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Increase to Civil and Family court fees

Posted on 12th October 2021 in Affordable Housing

Posted by

Megan Andrews

Increase to Civil and Family court fees

From 30 September 2021 certain Civil and Family Court fees in England and Wales will be increased.


Why are court fees increasing?

Largely to keep fees in line with inflation. There have been minimal increases to Court fees, and the majority have not increased, since 2016. The Government has also cited increased revenue for HM Courts & Tribunals Service, as a reason for the rise.


What court fees are increasing?

We expect that our clients will be most interested in the following increases:

  • Injunctions (e.g. gas access, anti-social behaviour) previously had an issue fee of £308. This has increased to £332.
  • General applications (e.g. an application to amend proceedings) have increased from £255 to £275.
  • Warrants of possession (via county court bailiffs) previously had a fee of £121, which has risen to £130.
  • Multi-track trials. The previous fee payable was £1,090. This has increased to £1,175.

When sending documents to Court for issuing it is important to check whether the Court fee has increased and enclose a cheque for the correct amount. The new fees can be found here.


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